Bah! I hate myself. Hate myself for not updating my blog eversince i got my PSP. I'm soooooo addicted to my PSP now. I'm so sorry.

A few updates.

Deardear & i got into a car accident last sat. It was a hit & run. We didn't manage to get the car licence plate down.

Everything happened so fast. That stupid car came swaying towards us & *BAM!*

Like i said i was addicted to my PSP so obviously i was playing game when the thing happened. When the car knocked into us, my PSP dropped.

Deardear was equally shocked. It's hard to explain the situation at that point of time but we were unable to go after that fucking bastard.

If i i was able to grab hold of that fucker, i would make sure that sorry bastard pay for what he has done to us.

I wasn't able to stop crying. I was wondering what would happen if the car came straight onto us. Deardear would suffer really bad injuries or mayb die on the spot.

I had a really bad shock. It makes me want to treasure him even more. I love you very much deardear.

In the end, we had to fork out money for the repairs. It's really heart breaking. All the gold coins are gone. It was meant for the year end holiday. Have to restart the savings again.

What matters is that we are both safe.

Apparently, nobody cared abt us. All my mum & sis care abt is that lifeless car. they didn't bother if we were injured & even blame us. Wasn't a surprise for me but still felt kinda disappointed.

Anyway, i got the job that i went interview for last monday. I started work this monday. Everything seems alright.

Pay not much but they give me 6 days annual leave & 7 days medical leave. Better than no pay leave i guess.

They say simple data entry job. No stress. Apparently, that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm in the ACCOUNTS dept.

For God's sake. I get an F9 for my O levels in mathematics & guess what? I'm in the accounts dept now. Wahahaha... How irony.

So far, i'm still learning & i'm kinda enjoy what i'm doing so i guess no harm in trying. It's far far far better than working at Jurong Island with KBL.

Accounts is not easy but as i'm just a contract staff here so still not so stressful. Have to be extremely careful with everything i do, careful with every documents that comes into my hands.
I just hope i don't make too much mistakes while i'm here cause i get really bad headaches when it comes to numbers unless you're talking abt my money. That's a different thing.

I'm not the Boss but i wrote a hell lot of cheques today. Lucky i only had 3 cancelled cheques due to certain reasons but my handwriting is not 1 of them.

I have extremely beautiful handwritings okay?

Think i'm gonna have nightmares of cheques tonight unless all of them are written with my name on it. Muahahahaha!

Promise to try update more regularly. Love ya!


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