I think i am crazy to actually put up the pledge. Sometimes i wonder if i really love Singapore that much. I thought abt it & the answer is yes. Only on national day.

Nevermind abt that. I finally threw in the letter. My director ask why i wanna quit & i told him that i can't work with KBL anymore. All he said after that was just ok.

Some people say i'm stupid to say that & some say i'm daring & supported me. I don't really care. I have no intentions of coming back again.

I hate to leave. I made alot of friends there & my director is really nice but i really don't wanna continue working in Jurong Island. It's affecting my health badly.

I did a survey thingy & this are the results,

Your Job Satisfaction Level: 6%

Not only does your job stink, but you're probably also in the wrong career field.
There's nothing worse then dreading that alarm clock every morning.
Your work doesn't have to be your life, but you should at least enjoy it.
It's time to try something very different. After all, you have nothing to lose!

How true. I'm glad to lose that job. I'm not a person who likes to hold back things. I still think i made the right decision.

1 more week & i'm leaving that place for good. Time to look for a new exciting job.


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