Today is finally the day. My last day in the company. This may sound ironic but instead of being happy, i felt kinda sad to leave.

KBL hasn't spoken to me eversince i hand in my resignation letter. I bet my director told her that i'm not happy with her.

Instead, my director spoke to me. He wasn't disappointed with me. He was instead, concerned abt me. I felt like crying.

Everybody didn't ant me to leave & all of them said that they will miss me. They want make me cry la. Idiotic. I almost did. I guess i'll miss them too.

If the office wasn't located at Jurong Island, i think i might stay. The place there isn't exactly good for me since i have sensitive nose.

Anyway, i do feel the burden lifting off me. Was suppose to go KTV with my colleagues tonight but deardear had tickets to the fireworks so KTV will have to postpone.

I'm looking forward to the fireworks tonight. Will be going with my sis & quan kai.

Today is also papa's birthday so,

Happy Birthday Papa!
May you stay healthy & happy always!


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