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Sorry abt the delay in my story abt the bitch who did stupid bitchy things. Im such a procrastinator.

I'm just too tired everyday & the matter is pretty trivial for my time but still, certain things have to be made clear.

Some people got pretty upset over my previous 2 post & it wasn't even abt her. She took it in her own accord & went ahead to find trouble with someone else who was pretty innocent & didn't know what happened.

Don't come & bullshit with me abt what finding the source & killing it. You think you shooting the movie 'Wu Jian Dao' now ar?

The source is ME! Come shut me up if you can. I'm not a puppet. I don't get controlled by others.

What i do & say is strictly on my own accord.

Nobody can stop me from doing what i like. He can't stop me & neither can you or fatso.

Actually it's just purely between me & fatso. I did not even mention you. You must have thought too highly of yourself.

I wouldn't think …
I'm happy that daddy is back but he'll be leaving for Korea together with my mum to celebrate their 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary.

Well... I guess it's ok since we don't have much time to spend with him too. So envy. They can go Korea.

I hereby would like to wish them a Happy 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary. Hope that there will be many more 25 years for them till their diamond one.

Pray that they have a safe journey there & an enjoyable trip. Hopefully they don't quarrel there & spoil the romantic mood.

I wonder when will it be my turn? Haha.. Stupid la. Haven't have babies yet think of 24 years later thing already.

Today, we finally got our bidding for COE le. Yeah! Friday can take car liao. Me & deardear's 1st car. How exciting!

I also got my Citibank Clear Card loh. Together with my exxon mobil card. Extra discount now. Spent 130 bucks on dinner at a Japanese Restaurant upon getting my card.

Daddy says it's an open ceremony for my card. Haha(…
Last sat, deardear brought me out to a pub to meet Meng Meng & another 2 guys from his camp. We spent a long night there. In fact, we spent the whole night out & only reach home in the early morning.

It’s been a long time since i spend the whole night out having fun. Actually, the night before, deardear also went out with Meng Meng, Wilson & disgustingly enough, Fatso!

I don’t even know why they wanna go out with him. Deardear said that Meng Meng wanted to talk to him. What’s there to talk abt? Like he will even listen.

I wouldn’t bother myself with an asshole like him. Mother fucking bastard girlfriend snatcher son-of-a-bitch! He’s got a nice nickname doesn’t he? He truly deserves it. No one else but him.

Still want deny that he nvr snatch people girlfriend & yet bring that girl out that night. He is such a lame liar. He did that once to deardear & now he does it to his best friend.

Guys! Beware of him! He may snatch your girlfriend away anytime. But then again, with h…
I hate being sick especially when caused by the growth of wisdom tooth. I can't eat without difficulty & i can't eat food i want to eat.

It also causes me to have sore throat & fever. As though having flu everyday is not enough.

Last week i had to stay back to do OT as we have to rush for payment. I stayed back till 9pm. The thing is, my boss made a glass of milo for ME!

So good right? You go where find a job got boss make milo for you de? Haha! Too bad i'm just a contract staff.

Nah! I wouldn't want to stay long term anyway. Just talking rubbish.

I don't know why i'm writing this post. Maybe it's because my wisdom tooth is hurting me badly. So fucking pain!

Everybody take pity on me & say nice words to make me feel better please...