I hate being sick especially when caused by the growth of wisdom tooth. I can't eat without difficulty & i can't eat food i want to eat.

It also causes me to have sore throat & fever. As though having flu everyday is not enough.

Last week i had to stay back to do OT as we have to rush for payment. I stayed back till 9pm. The thing is, my boss made a glass of milo for ME!

So good right? You go where find a job got boss make milo for you de? Haha! Too bad i'm just a contract staff.

Nah! I wouldn't want to stay long term anyway. Just talking rubbish.

I don't know why i'm writing this post. Maybe it's because my wisdom tooth is hurting me badly. So fucking pain!

Everybody take pity on me & say nice words to make me feel better please...


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