Last sat, deardear brought me out to a pub to meet Meng Meng & another 2 guys from his camp. We spent a long night there. In fact, we spent the whole night out & only reach home in the early morning.

It’s been a long time since i spend the whole night out having fun. Actually, the night before, deardear also went out with Meng Meng, Wilson & disgustingly enough, Fatso!

I don’t even know why they wanna go out with him. Deardear said that Meng Meng wanted to talk to him. What’s there to talk abt? Like he will even listen.

I wouldn’t bother myself with an asshole like him. Mother fucking bastard girlfriend snatcher son-of-a-bitch! He’s got a nice nickname doesn’t he? He truly deserves it. No one else but him.

Still want deny that he nvr snatch people girlfriend & yet bring that girl out that night. He is such a lame liar. He did that once to deardear & now he does it to his best friend.

Guys! Beware of him! He may snatch your girlfriend away anytime. But then again, with his looks & the size of his breast & not to forget his small dick(scientifically proven that fat guys have small dick), if he can snatch your girlfriend, then your girlfriend is probably not worth the effort.

She is just another materialistic bitch that wants nothing but sitting in his car so he can fetch her all ard Singapore since he’s gonna get kicked out of Army soon & enjoy having him spend money on her despite him owing the bank huge sums of debts.

Girls are simply just not interested in him. I don’t understand why till now he still don’t get it. People don’t have feelings for him. Just making use of him & he is dumb to continue let them have their way.

Although they are just making use of him, but he is the one that keeps on pestering them. What does he think he’ll get back in return? Sex? Like real he will get it. Love? Absolutely impossible.

Girls just can’t stand guys like him. Fat & sissy. Everyone in the world is wrong except him. Always complain, complain & complain. He’s worse than all the grandmothers in the whole universe.

Alright. I had enough of talking abt him. Don’t wanna spoil my mood cause of a parasite like him. Will update soon.

p/s: Daddy is coming home this Sunday. Can’t wait.


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