Sorry abt the delay in my story abt the bitch who did stupid bitchy things. Im such a procrastinator.

I'm just too tired everyday & the matter is pretty trivial for my time but still, certain things have to be made clear.

Some people got pretty upset over my previous 2 post & it wasn't even abt her. She took it in her own accord & went ahead to find trouble with someone else who was pretty innocent & didn't know what happened.

Don't come & bullshit with me abt what finding the source & killing it. You think you shooting the movie 'Wu Jian Dao' now ar?

The source is ME! Come shut me up if you can. I'm not a puppet. I don't get controlled by others.

What i do & say is strictly on my own accord.

Nobody can stop me from doing what i like. He can't stop me & neither can you or fatso.

Actually it's just purely between me & fatso. I did not even mention you. You must have thought too highly of yourself.

I wouldn't think of talking abt you because it's a waste of my time. Get a life la! Stop being so childish. Don't give yourself such an act cute name. I wanna vomit.

Btw, the bitch i mentioned is in general of all the guys out there whose girlfriend if 1 day leave them for fatso.

I don't know why you think you are a bitch or are you admitting that you are? Why you so xiang bu kai? Sighz...

U must have been lacked of attention since young so you wanna get involved in this extremely exciting game of war.

I seriously can't be bothered with you but since you are such an attention seeker, i shall give you all the attention i have for now in the midst of drowsiness caused by medication.

1st, fatso showed you his sms & thereafter showed you my blog. So what do you have in return for him?

I have a pretty good suggestion. Why don't you show him your small boobs or the slightly 'bigger than his dick' hole you have down there? He might like it.

Maybe in return, he'll show you his huge breast & teeny weeny dick.

Wow! You guys are a perfect match made in heaven. Kua kua kua...

Both of you should get together & fuck each other until you have a baby. Marriage is out i think. He got no money to marry you unless he go out sell backside which i think nobody would want either.

I have a warning for you. You want find trouble go find the person who caused the trouble aka me.

Everything written here is from me & only me. I merely wanted to go against fatso & not a single thought of you came to my mind. If i do thought of you, i'll probably fall extremely sick & die.

What you do will only make me write more say more do more. Ask "The One"(pun not intended) who knows me pretty well by now i guess.

Don't go ard fucking other people. If you dare lay your filthy hands on the innocent ones, don't blame me for being nasty.

In fact, alot other people will be very nasty. Don't think you are a girl then you can go ard smacking other people. You think you the queen or what?

I welcome you to come smack me. I'll be so delighted in running to the nearest police station & charge you. I might get some compensation in return. I'm pretty much in need of money right now.

I have a question. You told others that fatso kept sticking to you, refuse to let you go & don't even let you go home & he said the same thing to others too.

So who is the cheapo 1 here? I personally think both are cheap la but nvm. I wanna know who is lying wor.

Tell me leh. Who is the cheap cheap 1? Even cheaper than the market vegetables. You guys go settle it among yourself & let me know la.

"Someone" please show her this post. This post is useless if she doesn't sees it so don't disappoint me.


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