Feel so cheated by the company i'm working for now. It was suppose to be data entry because that is what they told me.

Who ever heard of accounts dept hiring data entry? I'm more like an accounts assistant now & they are only paying me a measly 1000 bucks.

How freaking pathetic is that? I feel so fucking cheated lor.

Initially, i thought to myself say nevermind la. Got work better than nothing. Try 1st & see how lor but who knows their expectations getting higher & higher everyday. Want do appraisal on my performance some more.

For christ sake! I'm only a temp staff there & they don't exactly pay me alot. Why must yao qiu duo duo? Too much lor.

It's like in a market. Buy fish bargain half price liao still extra half kilo of prawns free. Tai guo fen le!

Want tender resignation letter but no chance as i haven't been to work for the past few days. Got a very bad sunburnt back.

Can't sleep on any position i like. Skin gets irritated easily so i can't sleep with clothes on either. Very very bad. It's really really red like lobster lor.

Now better le. Not so pain but very fucking itchy. Can't scratch. So xinku. I swear i never ever go under the sun like this again without sunblock.

Next time i'll just lay quietly in my hammock & sleep. May tomorrow be a better day.


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