You know how sickening it is when everything you do seems to be wrong? Nothing is right. Everybody just pushes the bloody blame to you.

What the hell is wrong? What did i do to deserve this kinda treatment from others? Just because you are angry doesn't mean you can anyhow scold people right?

Really feel very depressed. I nvr like to quarrel with good friends & family members but why is it when i'm kind to them, they take me for granted?

I really don't understand the human world anymore. Mayb i come from another planet that makes me vulnerable to the humans on earth.

Mayb i shouldn't be here at all or mayb i should leave the family which i thought i belong to.

Mayb i should just fucking die! Die! Die! Die!

Sorry for the gibberish. I'm just too damn depressed at the moment. Goodbye my dear friends...


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