Apart from my cousin's wedding last saturday, handing in my resignation letter on monday, seeing William So live this friday & going to my other cousin's house warming yesterday, this week has been a rather shitty week for me.

Things happen & make me really unhappy. Don't wanna say abt it anymore. Too tired of everything that has been going on non-stop since i was young.

Let's talk abt more happy things. 1st up is my cousin's wedding. I never thought i would see her get married. I'm not trying to be mean but since young, i've been wondering when she'll actually get married.

She's much older than me but i have never seen her have a boyfriend until recent years. She finally found her happiness. I'm happy for her.

No photos because my stupid Nokia 7390 broke down on me once again. Need to get a new phone. Anybody have any good recommendation? Let me know please.

I finally hand in my letter & ask for early release. Really can't stand working there anymore. Tomorrow is my last day le. Woohoo! So happy. Got farewell lunch some more. Teppanyaki! Hehehe...

Went to a disco pub called Lunar located at Clarke Quay to see William So performing. The disco has got live band but is chinese la & in the middle also got play english song for you to dance la. Quite a nice place.

That night they invited William So to perform & it's fucking full house lor. We book table liao but got this 1 bunch of people in front of us. Purposely block my view. Really feel like smacking them.

Lucky Quan Kai's step father Uncle Patrick's(nice uncle) friend know the people there well & so we get to move the the middle & have an even clearer view.

We waited till abt 12.30am before William So came out. He sang abt 6-7 songs before he left. Thereafter, people started to leave. So realistic. I was also 1 of them. Haha!

Again, no photos cause of the damn phone & i've got no money to buy a digital cam. My sister did took some with her phone but have yet to get it from her. Anyway, not very clear also because of the lightings there.

I now officially announce that i'm a William So fan. He is so damn cool lor & i like his trademark of collecting spectacles. I think all his spectacles cost alot. If i have the kind of money, i'll also start a hobby like this. I think deardear going to faint liao. Hahaha!

Went to my cousin's, the father of my 2 xin gan bao bei niece's house warming. Their house is nicely done up & they have got alot of nice accessories which are gifts from close friends. So good leh.

Such a coincidence that deardear's CSM was also there. His wife is the friend of my cousin's wife, Carol's friend.

Spent pretty much the whole day playing with the kids. They are just so adorable. Might be bringing them out this sunday. See they free anot. Lol... Bring kids out still must see they free anot. Bo bian... Must see the parents got any plans anot lor.

Woke up really early this morning just to have breakfast at Tiong Bahru Market with my in-laws. Not bad actually la.

Very long never eat the food there liao. Brings back alot of memories when i was still young. My parents will often bring me there to eat & my favourite is the porridge & raw fish.

Wanted to buy tortoise to keep de but my father-in-law scold me. He say i never take care of my pets de. I had 5 hermit crabs & all 5 died. Not my fault what.

What does that old fart(joking) know? I got feed them & give them water but don't know why still will die. He talk until like i murderer like that. Very shit lor.

How can condemn me just like this? I got keep tortoise before de. I keep until the tortoise grow very big then set it free at Xiao Guilin.

I don't care. I must get my tortoise & prove it to him that i can jolly well take care of them.



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