Brand New Start!

Today is a brand new day & a brand new start for me. First day at my new job isn't so bad. I kinda enjoy what i'm doing.

I'm working as a recruitment consultant at a recruitment agency. Anybody want look for job or looking for staff for your company can call me ok?

I think servicing people is in my blood. I just enjoy making people happy. When my clients are happy with my service & say thank you. I feel satisfied.

Fire drill during my first day at work. How lucky can i get? Climbing down the stairs all the way from level 15.

I think PSA building highest floor is level 70. Glad my office not located there. Kakaka. 1 more day then holiday liao. Haha...

Friday go back work then weekend again liao. This week damn shiok la. Thurs going out with Deardear, Jing, Rachel & Ginny to East Coast.

It shall be a day full of fun & laughter. It's also Wilson's birthday. Don't know what to get for him. Can't wait. Deepavali faster come.

Last sunday, we brought the younger niece out. The elder one went to Sentosa with her other aunties & uncles.

My sister spent 100 plus buying a build your own bear Hello Kitty for her. Very cute de. If i got money i also want.

You choose your favourite bear, put in the cotton stuffings, buy clothes for the bear. Got undergarments some more!

You can also put heartbeat & voice in the bear. Actually it's just those gadgets that you press then got sound & vibration de. Also got birth cert.

This people really know how to make money sia. Doing kids business is the best to earn. My sister damn rich sia. I tell her my kids next time also want this kind of treatment.

She say if they got call her auntie then she buy. I say if she buy sure they call. She scold me cheap. Hahaha!

Cheap also nevermind la as long my kids can get expensive stuff but money doesn't come from my pocket can le. Muahahahaha...

I think i'm gonna ask deardear to buy 1 for me then i want create a voice of deardear asking him to say "Laopo da ren, Wo Ai Ni!

Like that i can press & hear it everyday. His payday coming soon. Hehehe. I can almost hear him groaning in agony.

I'll tell him the same thing i say to him every other day.



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