Damn the bloody tagboard. Stupid flooble chatterbox. Down for so many days le. I'm going to take it out once i've got the time.

I'm not going to put up another tagboard. You guys have anything to say just drop me a comment.

I doubt anybody ever visits my blog. Not a single comment was left. How pathetic. Nevermind about that. I've long given up.

Some good news. I've been converted to perm after working as temp for just 3 days. That says something doesn't it?

I'm just so proud of myself. Kekeke... My boss Sharon say when she 1st saw me, it was love at first sight. Wahahaha...

She's not les okay? She just feels that there is an affinity between us & she feels that i have the potential to be a great consultant.

I believe her because i feel the same way too. It's been a long time since i felt so confident abt myself.

I must work hard & not let anybody look down. I might not be the greatest but i will definitely do my best!

Anybody out there support me?


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