Hate Them!

I hate my parents-in-law. They bother too much. I'm not saying that it's not nice to have people care abt you but too much is too much!

Too much is always never good. WHY must complain this & that? WHY must complain to my husband instead of me?

Never find out the truth then just go ahead & accuse me to my husband. Not happy with my lifestyle then don't stay with me la!

Totally hate them. Thought they were nice people. Nicer than my own parents but it's all fake. They are both two-face snake. Perfect couples!

In front of you act like don't really care but behind you they stab you with alot of sharp knives. Fucking idiots!

I have my own life. So what if i'm their daughter-in-law? Does that give them the right to control whatever i do?

I have my own human rights okay? They just go care & control their own darling son. Leave me alone! My parents don't do that to me.

Not happy then don't stay with me. I never said i wanted to live my life with them. Is they insist on staying with us.

Stay with us so can control our every movement izzit? Freaking no privacy at all! Poking their nosy noses everywhere in this & that!

I don't come home better la!


Anyway, i met up with Poh Cheng & Dilla today for dinner. It's really nice to see them again though Jacinta & Ling always cannot make it.

Very disappointed. I think so far only got 1 time everyone meet up apart from my wedding. Both of them are always so busy.

Sighz... Can try to understand la but still feeling upset cause really very long never see them liao then they always got something on cannot make it de.

Btw, if you are seeing this my dear Poh Cheng. Thanks for your treat & congrats on your oncoming wedding.

Wish you forever xin fu, pretty & happy. Sisters forever! Muacks!

p/s: Ling, when your turn? Faster leh. Wait until my neck long liao. Hahaha...


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