Only 1 comment supporting me in my new job. The 2nd comment is my reply to the wonderful lix therefore it's only 1 comment.

Now i know what kind of friends i have out there. So pathetic. Btw, thanks alot lix. You're the best! Love you! Wahahaha... Not that kind of love arr.

I have so many things to say but keep forgetting. My senile problem is getting worse. I'm getting older & older each passing day.

I bought a new handphone & now i can take many many photos! I also bought a pair of new shoes but it's hurting me badly.

I now have a bloody big hole at the back of my leg just right above the heels. The common place for many ladies to have blisters whenever they wear new shoes.

I always have blisters when wearing new shoes but this was the worse. It wasn't just blisters. The whole skin came off & it's so damn fucking pain!

I had to lub a plastic bag over my leg & tie it to bath for 2 days! Can you imagine how bad it was? Poor me okay?

Had a belated celebration for jing jing's birthday on friday. We had steamboat at Rachel's house. Thanks for planning everything ray. I want like this for my birthday also hor. Lol...

Went to Ikea yesterday with deardear & my parents-in-law. Saw my 2 xin gan bao bei there. They are going to watch some disney show. So heng can see them.

Miss them so much even after i brought them out the past 2 weeks. Forgot to blog abt the 2nd outing. Sucks man! I'm senile.

Anyway, we bought 2 shelves for our room. Mine is pink in colour of cause! Deardear took a white 1 despite my objection.

Later dirty le then he really orbi. I'm not cleaning it up for him. No way! Photos will be coming up after i load them into my super duper laggy laptop.

Went to deardear's elder sister house after Ikea trip. Sammy & Ellen had friends over so didn't have a chance to play with them.

I said i'm gonna buy tortoise right? Hah! I finally bought it. Who cares abt what those 2 old people say. (Obviously i got fucked but) I don't care!

Deardear also bought 2 goldfish. Kena fuck by his mother upside down. Hahaha! In the end also cannot say anything cause buy le. In the 1st place don't make noise la. Keke...

Going to zoo & night safari this saturday cause deardear make noise say wanna go. He like small kid like that.

Will take lots of photo & load it 1 shot with the photos of what i've said above. Everything! Lappy don't hang on me by then please...

Hmmmm... Seems like i bought alot of things last week. I must be feeling filthy rich but i'm not! So don't come ask me for money. I don't have! Go away!!!


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