Long awaited updates!

Warning! Might make your comp lag.

Sorry for the delay. Not going to say much on this post. Very lazy. Lots of photos though. Enjoy!

When i went to fetch her. This is what i get. Kaoz!

My mother-in-law & my 2 bao beis!

Me & Xin Rou aka Jazreel

Me & Ning Xuan aka Valencia

Ning Xuan & me again

Haha! So cute right?

Off to have some fun!


Kissy Kissy!

Back at home

Sometimes i wonder... How vain can a girl get? Sighz... I think i got my hormones all wrong.

Jing Jing's Birthday Celebration!


Aren't i pretty?

New items!

My new shoes! Nice?

This is what happen when u don't bite your new shoes. They bite you! It looks worse in real life.

New shelves


Zoo & Night Safari!

Before moving out.

So cute! I wanna bring them home! Deardear say cannot. )= %#$%^#$#^$^

Don't look at me! Deardear ask me take de.

This is taken in the toilet. They have wonderful sound effects in the toilet. When you close the door, there will be a Lion roar as though there's a live lion in the toilet but is damn fucking irritating when you are trying to shit! Lots of darn kids playing around slamming the toilet doors. Almost lost my concentration in my wonderful mission of bombing Japan.

On a closer look. How the fuck you attract mates using the "scents" of your urine or faeces? Rub them on your face? Let's get somebody to try. Not me!

Woohoo! Nice fire show! Nice bodies. Kekeke...

I wish i didn't have to leave.

That's abt it! Sorry i took so long to post it in. Feeling pretty lazy this few weeks. Holiday season ma.

Not much photos in Night Safari cause can't use flash & handphone photo quality not very good even in night mode.

I really hate loading photos but i've got alot more other new photos! We shall see. I also got video clips of the sea lion show & the fire show with lots of meng nan in it. Forget to load into comp.

Don't be disappointed. I will load it in but it'll take some time before i post it up.

Been busy with work which is good but i become too lazy to blog. Well... Afterall, i'm not a full time blogger like Xiaxue.

I'm not getting paid for blogging. Sometimes i really envy her but perhaps my life was not meant to be like this.

I think i still prefer my job. Customer service is in my blood! Yeah baby!


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