Happy like FUCK!!!


2 more deals closed! So happy!!! Happy until i'm gonna drop dead! Just take pay(with increment) today! Daddy is coming back tomorrow! All the more happy! All those sleepless nights are worth it!

Don't be crazy. I did not stay up at night to do work. I just couldn't get to sleep. No idea why either. Just can't sleep well. I might be having imsomnia.

Is that bad? Actually it wasn't like i totally did not sleep. It's just that i keep having weird dreams & kept waking up in the middle of the night.

What the hell is wrong with me? Is it work stress? I have no freaking idea! I think i'm more stress abt Chinese New Year coming.

All the shit abt having to give ang pows. Why should married people give ang pow? They should make it in a way that only people with kids should give ang pow(so they can earn back abit ma).

Or people after the age of 35 then must give ang pow so people got no excuse not to marry & still must give & also i can have 10 more years to spend money on myself & give birth to lots of kids. 1 year have 1 so 10 years will have 10!

Wahahaha!!! I tan(earn) until siao! Just joking la. I really give birth to 10 i then really siao arr! Nick will be the 1st to tiao lao & die. His parents & my parents will die as the happiest grandparents on earth.

Sighz... What is gonna come will come. Just have to take it easy. Once a year only. Fuck Chinese New Year though i used to like them a hell lot!

Let's talk abt some other recent events.

Last friday, my sister & khai were suppose to come back from Thailand but they missed their flight due to traffic jam. Traffic in Thailand can really make you ki siao.

I thought they were just joking as usual. Must be 1 of their stupid jokes like crying while telling me they fail their TP. I don't wanna be fooled man.

But then, i think back. This is no joking matter & i call them to confirm again. Well... They really missed their flight.

They make me so worried for them. They've got at least another 11 hours to go before the next flight which they had to pay extra to buy & they had no money left.

What are they gonna do? Sleep in the airport? So fucking dangerous. Lucky khai's father also at Thailand talking abt business i think.

They went to his father's friend's apartment to sleep. Phew!

On sunday, we were suppose to go deardear's cousin's(he's a pilot) house warming, a 3 storey high Bungalow at Changi. So rich right?

But before that, i brought deardear to my boss, Sharon aka Sham's house since she stay Tampines only. Don't know why they call her Sham. Don't ask me.

She stays in a 6 room flat & her place is beautiful. Even her maid got nicer room than mine. Actually, i went there to see her son la. Her son is so damn cute lor. Wanna bring him home.

End up, we talk more abt work with deardear listening. Not so bad la. She motivates me alot. I like to talk to her. Makes me feel more confident.

I kinda regretted bringing Nick along cause after that day, Sham kept telling me what a good husband i have blah blah blah...

Never expect a person like me can marry such a good husband blah blah blah... Must treasure him blah blah blah...

Cannot bully him or she will scold me blah blah blah... What the hell? Am i the one or is he the one working for her now?

I don't get it. Am i really that lousy? I told deardear what my boss said & he became very arrogant. Feel like punching him in the face. Now she wants me to bring him along to whatever function we have.

I am so dead... I'm beginning to see darkness form in front of me... My life is becoming extremely miserable...

I must start thinking of a way to overturn him. Must go think... Give me ideas please... Flood me...


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