Hi guys! I’m back! Don’t worry. I didn’t get lost & disappear. I was merely busy accompanying my dad before both he & i goes back to work.

I’m starting work today & daddy is leaving this afternoon. Can’t send him. So sad lah! Waaaahhhhhh!!!

Ok la ok la! My bad for not updating. Do not abandon me please... I'm sad enough abt my dad going back & me not being able to send him.

I had some good news which i forget to say & i was suppose to tell you guys before i go holiday.


Wahahaha!!! I close it just 1 day before i leave for my holiday. I'm good or what? Heh heh... Erm... I think i shoudn't be contented just like this.


This is a promise i make to myself.

Any new year resolutions? Share it! As for me, i do not really have any new year resolutions to make apart from quit smoking. Cigarettes are getting extremely expensive.

I do have a small wish though. To be successful in whatever i do especially in my job. I'm an ambitious person & in this line, i must be!

Dear friends, give me your full support ok? I really need it.

Must complain something! Why nobody talk to me in my tagboard de? Look so fucking stupid! Haiz... Put also like that, don't put also like that. I guess i just have to leave it.

Today morning is an eye opener for me. Eversince they increase the price of taking cabs, i see a hell lot of EMPTY cabs going around.

In my area somemore!

A sight not to be seen at that kind of timing especially around my area. I've long given up taking cabs & i only take it when i'm driven to desperations which i try not to let myself get into that stupid situation.

I'm a bus person & i'm happy about it! I don't depend fully on cabs because they are blood suckers! I still don't understand how some people can & are willing to spend the money on cabs.

Some Singaporeans are crazy! Don't you agree?


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