I hate hypocrites!

I am so pissed!

How often do you forget that you owe your friend money?

How often does your friend forget that they owe you money?

What do you do when you are not happy abt certain things that your friends do?

You FREAKING talk to them abt it right?


You don't go around bad-mouthing them nor do you go around telling their sister or brother abt it right?

If is true friends then got what not happy say it straight to your friend la. I fucking this kind of hypocrite!

In front of you like nothing happen but behind you, they fucking talk bad abt you! Not as if people do things on purpose ok?

If i'm not happy abt you i will tell you straight in your face! I don't go around acting like nothing happen when i'm not happy with you.

I only do that to people whom i don't regard as friends & if i hate you!

Don't expect me to respect you if you don't fucking give me the respect i deserve because you don't fucking deserve it as well!

Not happy with what i say tell me la! Don't bad-mouth abt me & let me find out fucking idiot!

I owe you money say la! Ask from me la! Paiseh to ask from me but not paiseh to go around spreading rumours abt me?

Give people the benefit of doubt that the person forget la! Why must straight away jump to conclusion that the person don't want return you money?

People owe you fucking lots of money izzit? Owe you few thousand dollars izzit? Owe ten over dollars only want like that. Chaocheebye! Not fucking paiseh at all!

You never owe people money before izzit? So what you rich? So what you fucking got alot money? All the more shouldn't be so petty abt ten over dollars right?

I have damn fucking GOOD friends whom i owe hundreds of dollars but they never come & ask me for it! Sometimes they themselves forget. I remind them if i remember.

Since you think i'm so not trustworthy then don't be my friend la! I also not interested to have friends who backstab me over small money.

Don't need talk like gangster like want to fight like that. How old already? If you don't really understand the phrase then don't use it.

Don't think by saying it makes you damn fucking big like that. You only make people pissed off with you. No wonder you do not have friends. It's because of you & your fucking lan jiao attitude!



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