I hate liars!

I have never seen a more stupid person than fatso. He is the most stupid & worse liar.

On wednesday afternoon, i ask if he can transfer me the money that he owe me as i do not have any money with me anymore. He said okay.

The next day afternoon, i went to check my account & only saw the amount deardear transfer me therefore i called fatso in the afternoon & ask.

He gave a very surprise gasp followed by saying that he transfer le & even ask if i really did not receive. I said ya & he said that he will go check.

I gave him the benefit of doubt that he might really transfer wrong account. That was in the afternoon slightly after lunch.

I only receive his call 10 plus at night, he read out & ask if my account is correct then said that he did transfer & ask me to check again. I check & this time the money was in.

I told him that just transfer only. He got the bloody cheek to say he don't know why like this & he got nothing to say.

I was like WTF? It was so damn fucking obvious that he's lying!

He never kept his promise in transferring the money. Afraid of being scolded, he chose to tell a very stupid lie that will get himself into more trouble.

Just tell the truth & immediately transfer me the money. Either way, still will get fucked de & by lying to me, he will get it worse.

Why choose to tell a lie that will be seen through so easily? If he really did transfer then how come deardear transfer later than him & yet the money is in?

Got so coincidence meh? Only after he call me then the money is in? Bullshit la! Internet banking will lie?

Even if i use bank book to update, i can see who bank in money 1st. Bank book will lie? Forget then forget la!

The result of not keeping promise is to get fucked by me. It should be a norm to everyone who knows me by now. The most i will just scream & shout at him & kup his phone.

Tell lie & get caught by me. Tell such a stupid lie some more. It is very despicable to lie to your friends & even more despicable in telling such a lousy lie.

What kind of idiot will believe his words? Look at who you are lying to the next time you wanna tell lies. Think i'm some kind of idiot or what?

I'm the great Great GREAT Sheila okay? I may not be a genius but your lie is really damn fucking lousy!

I think you need to go back to nursery. Kids there can tell better lies than you do!


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