What does friends & trust means?

It makes me wonder sometimes how people you think is your friend betrays you over & over again.

The point is, why do i always trust them despite them doing things to hurt me again & again? Am i simply too stupid or just too kind hearted?

I sure do not know the real reason. I may have inherited my father's stupidity of being too trusting & therefore getting myself hurt for nothing.

That is all going to change. I must be more hard hearted & not forgive so easily so as to not get myself hurt for people who are simply not worth it.

I especially hate friends who 'zhong se qing you'(choosing gf/bf over friends). This people are worthless & absolutely useless.

They treat their friends like shit & depend on nothing but their partners they don't even know will be with them forever or just simply making use of them.

When the other party decides to leave them, they come back to their friends acting so pitiful expecting their friends to take pity & forgive them for what they have done

After awhile, they do it to their friends again when they have some other new targets. This kind of people should really just drop dead.

I will never allow myself to have such friends anymore. I should really be hard hearted this time so as to not fall into this so called 'good friends' trap.

Got this phrase from Peter's blog.

If we're meant to be,
Either forever or temporal..
Whenever we're together,
We should be making memory..

Be it relationships or friends, everyone come into your life for a reason, to enrich your life experience or just simply irritate the shit out of you.

I think it's soooooo true. I guess i'm the kind of person who irritate the shit out of people. I guess it's just fun.

Unlike some people who truly irritate you till you fucking hate them & wish them dead in every moment of your life.

Whatever it is, i am a happy girl today. No prizes for getting the right answers.


I closed another deal today. Better than the 1st! I'm getting good at this. I have 3 more pending case to go.

Sheila Jiayou! Jiayou! Jiayou!


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