work... Work.. WORK!!!

No. I'm not complaining. I still love my job, my colleagues and my boss. They are by far the best i ever had.

It's just that mayb i have been pushing myself a little too hard. What can i do? My boss has got high expectations from me.

It's not her fault ok? It's not everyday you get a boss who can see where your talent is & let you make full use of it. I know she likes me & she wants me to succeed.

I feel that it's an honour for me. I, myself has got great expectations on myself too & therefore i start to demand alot from myself.

I cannot afford to fail. I must succeed. It has been a long time since i felt such strong determination from myself.

Fatso kor says i'm crazy to work so hard & i say he is the crazy one. If a person has got no motive or goal in their life then that is truly pathetic.

Eventually, the person will go crazy from feeling that he/she is a useless person with no purpose in life.

Mayb he is right in certain ways. I have overworked myself. I don't know when to stop. I've feeling lethargic this few weeks.

Just the night before, i collapsed the moment i reached home. Deardear woke me up at abt 10pm because i haven't taken my dinner & bath yet.

The 1st thing he said to me was wake up eat. I thought morning already & he's waking me up for breakfast but i think again.

The sky was still dark so if i were to be eating breakfast then it would be ard 5am plus in the morning. Why would deardear wake me up so early?

It was then i came back to reality. Really really tired lor & i rather deardear not wake me up to eat & bath at all.

Should have let me sleep until the next day morning. I wasn't that smelly anyway & if he finds it disgusting, he can always sleep in the living room.

Enough abt me, myself and i. My sister & Quan Kai went to enjoy themselves in Thailand. Just sent them to the airport last night.

Their flight was delayed for 2 hours. Budget airline so don't expect much la. As long safe can le. So they took the midnight flight.

Just the 2 of them. They will be there for 8 days. So sweet... I want also but i don't think i'll ever have such a chance having such a lousy husband.

They should be there by now. Most probably walking ard shopping & spending their hard earned money on ME! Haha...

I kinda miss them especially my sister, She has never left my side for this long not to mention now is overseas.

I just hope they will be safe & have lots of fun.


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