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Don't feel like blogging at all. Mainly cause there's nothing much to blog abt. Been feeling very lethargic.

I feel so freaking tired. Mentally drained out. Nothing interesting has been happening & i simply just feel lazy.

I promise to update real soon & often. Just give me some time on my own. I need to rest & sort out my thinking abt what has been happening recently in my life.

I'm feeling too stressed up. Sorry guys. Not much people has been reading my blog anyway so i guess it's ok. Take care!

Unhappy Valentine's Day

Some people must be wondering why i did not blog abt my Valentine's Day. That is because i had a very bad Valentine's Day.

I thought i could forget as time goes by but i can't. It's haunting me every night. I must say it out before i go crazy. Hasn't stop crying since that night.

I thought it was going to be a wonderful day especially when i received a bouquet of bears from deardear. All my colleagues were shocked.

None of them expected that i would still receive gifts after i'm married. Was really happy for the whole day until night comes.

I went home not knowing what is going to happen next except deardear who knew but did not bother to tell me.

Apparently, my father-in-law was drunk & not happy that i'm seldom at home when my father is back. But i thought they understand.

He came out of his room & started shouting at me. I knew he was drunk so i did not really bother until his words became more & more mean.

The worst thing he said is that i'm no…


Miss me ma? Hahaha... Happy Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Paiseh arr... So long no blog but i think alot people also never visit la cause everyone is so fucking busy with gambling. Kakaka...

Actually, this year i don't need give ang pow de but since i prepare le then just give lor. Abit fun la. See people take oranges come to me bai nian. Feel abit like Cai Shen Ye.

Heh heh heh...

But i lose alot more money than gambling. Luck is down la. Kao eh. The worst thing is all the stupid aunties & uncles keep asking when i want have baby.

They think having baby so easy like bearing fruits ar? What if the fruit is rotten de? Is i die leh.

Even if the fruit is healthy, how can we be sure it won't kena some kind of bacteria when it grows up then become rotten again?

Deardear simply feels that i will be the 1 passing all the bacterias to my kids. Don't need wait until grow up.

He can be such a fucking asshole sometimes don't you guys agree?


So what if i teach all the bad thi…