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Sorry for the lack of updates.

Nothing much has been happening except going for an Alpha Course every Tuesday, went bowling today & attending a 1 day Telesales/Cold-Calling Techniques Course my boss recently sent me to.

I'm now very stress because my boss wants me to write a feedback report to her. I have no idea what to write.

Not that i did not listen in the course ok? The course has been enriching. I'm just afraid to sound like a fool & make myself look stupid.

I can put exactly what the lecturer taught to use but i'm just not good at putting it into words that's why i always tell my boss don't make me go teach newcomers in the future.

I hate teaching & i simply do not have the patience for it. I prefer to be taught for something that is useful to me.

Arghhhh! I hate myself sometimes.

Writing down thoughts is very different from writing that feedback report ok? I type as i go along. Don't need think that much de.

Really damn fuck sian la. I'm going c…

Rain Rain Go Away...

This week's weather has been really sucky. Raining & raining non-stop. Made me feel so cold. Don't they know my deardear is not by my side to keep me warm?

Maybe... It's the Gods above doing it on purpose. They want to drown the stupid Mas Selamat. Cannot drown at least make him fall sick with high fever & slowly die off.

That would be so cool. Deardear will be able to come home then. Yippee! God is great! Hahaha... I think i'm feeling too lonely.

Very disappointed regarding the post abt Fatso. Only 1 comments? Duh! Written by anonymous some more. Double duh!

Why nobody has got any comments abt this matter? Just asking you all what will you guys do. Nobody can give me an answer?

I can't possibly award S$50 to just 1 comment right? People who are still pondering don't wait liao. Just give me your answer & reason.

I will choose the best answer i like & award that S$50 that i've been dying to give away.

Happy Birthday Jackson Lim!!!

Fatso Sucks!

I made a promise to blog this weekend so here i am. I want to complain!

What the fuck is wrong with the fucking terrorist Mas Selamat? I really wanna kick his stupid ass.

Nothing better to do run out of prison for what? Made deardear have to go standby every night in the hope of able to catch him.

My poor deardear. I'm so worried for him. He will be so tired.

I'm still amazed at how that idiot managed to escape. What actually happened? Are we the citizens of Singapore gonna get any explaination at all?

Sighz... I hope he get caught soon or even better still just drop dead so my deardear can come home soon.

On a happier note, from today 080308 onwards, i will no longer be that stupid fatass's friend anymore & neither will deardear be too.

We will no longer help him in any situations anymore. He is on his own since he feels that he is always right & never wrong.

In case some of you say i'm being heartless, let me tell you guys what happened.

I had been tolerating his nons…
I wanted to blog. I swear! I really want to blog but i just can't seem to find time for it.

I'm always too tired after work where i'm totally brain dead by then.

Asking me to type after a whole day of facing the com & typing non-stop is torturous.

I do not have enough sleep & i'm near to becoming a walking dead(zombie) soon.


I admit that recently i'm addicted to an online website which provides alot of fun games.

The website is It's really cute. You get to play mahjong, dai dee, match it & some other fun games.

You guys should really try it. You can also dress up your wawa(doll) with the gold you win.

My nickname is Xiaolinglong. If you ever sign up for the game, do look for me.

I promise to blog this weekend. I will try to find time for it. Love you guys! Muacks!