Fatso Sucks!

I made a promise to blog this weekend so here i am. I want to complain!

What the fuck is wrong with the fucking terrorist Mas Selamat? I really wanna kick his stupid ass.

Nothing better to do run out of prison for what? Made deardear have to go standby every night in the hope of able to catch him.

My poor deardear. I'm so worried for him. He will be so tired.

I'm still amazed at how that idiot managed to escape. What actually happened? Are we the citizens of Singapore gonna get any explaination at all?

Sighz... I hope he get caught soon or even better still just drop dead so my deardear can come home soon.

On a happier note, from today 080308 onwards, i will no longer be that stupid fatass's friend anymore & neither will deardear be too.

We will no longer help him in any situations anymore. He is on his own since he feels that he is always right & never wrong.

In case some of you say i'm being heartless, let me tell you guys what happened.

I had been tolerating his nonsense for quite some time & i can no longer take it anymore. He has hurt me again & again.

Finally, the thing that we predicted happened. He owe the bank 3 months of installment for his car & his car has been towed away.

Unless he pay up 4 months worth of installment, his car will be sold in the auction & so he went around asking for money.

It seems that he suddenly regain his memory & remember who i am. That he had such a GREAT friend.

I was relunctant to loan it to him. None of his army friends are willing to lend him a single cent.

We knew that something like this was going to happen why should we help him? Where did all his money go in the 1st place?

As usual, the soft hearted me decided to loan him the money of a freaking $2K. He not only don't appreciate it still wanna say lan jiao wei.

I really don't know if i made the right decision. Should have let him die on his own. Now i want to ask you guys what would you do if you were me?

1st of all, he is a bloody procrastinator.

He made you promises but never ever fulfill it.

He always play you out.

Whenever he falls blindly for a girl, he treat you like shit.

He can scold you because of a girl who doesn't love him.

He rather give up his friendship with you for a girl who he just wanna fuck.

He only remembers you when he is in deep shit & desperately needs help.

He doesn't appreciate your help & continue his stupid ways of living his fuck up life.

All in all, he hurt his friends around him without a care over a girl who can open her legs & let him fuck.

So this kind of person deserve help? Will you help him?

The person who gives the best answer & reason to support their answers will be awarded S$50. So don't wait anymore.

Hurry up & give me your best shot!


  1. Do not help him as you will not be appreciated... He will have to learn and stand on his own... Such people are not classified as 'frenz' when thy play you out too mani times, giving you horrible excuses and still tinking dat thy are such great people...

  2. Hahaha. Not surprising. Knew he would come to no good. He wants to be retarded let him be. Update more when you know more le. should not lend him anything. confirm wont get back.


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