I wanted to blog. I swear! I really want to blog but i just can't seem to find time for it.

I'm always too tired after work where i'm totally brain dead by then.

Asking me to type after a whole day of facing the com & typing non-stop is torturous.

I do not have enough sleep & i'm near to becoming a walking dead(zombie) soon.


I admit that recently i'm addicted to an online website which provides alot of fun games.

The website is www.viwawa.com. It's really cute. You get to play mahjong, dai dee, match it & some other fun games.

You guys should really try it. You can also dress up your wawa(doll) with the gold you win.

My nickname is Xiaolinglong. If you ever sign up for the game, do look for me.

I promise to blog this weekend. I will try to find time for it. Love you guys! Muacks!


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