Rain Rain Go Away...

This week's weather has been really sucky. Raining & raining non-stop. Made me feel so cold. Don't they know my deardear is not by my side to keep me warm?

Maybe... It's the Gods above doing it on purpose. They want to drown the stupid Mas Selamat. Cannot drown at least make him fall sick with high fever & slowly die off.

That would be so cool. Deardear will be able to come home then. Yippee! God is great! Hahaha... I think i'm feeling too lonely.

Very disappointed regarding the post abt Fatso. Only 1 comments? Duh! Written by anonymous some more. Double duh!

Why nobody has got any comments abt this matter? Just asking you all what will you guys do. Nobody can give me an answer?

I can't possibly award S$50 to just 1 comment right? People who are still pondering don't wait liao. Just give me your answer & reason.

I will choose the best answer i like & award that S$50 that i've been dying to give away.


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