Sorry for the lack of updates.

Nothing much has been happening except going for an Alpha Course every Tuesday, went bowling today & attending a 1 day Telesales/Cold-Calling Techniques Course my boss recently sent me to.

I'm now very stress because my boss wants me to write a feedback report to her. I have no idea what to write.

Not that i did not listen in the course ok? The course has been enriching. I'm just afraid to sound like a fool & make myself look stupid.

I can put exactly what the lecturer taught to use but i'm just not good at putting it into words that's why i always tell my boss don't make me go teach newcomers in the future.

I hate teaching & i simply do not have the patience for it. I prefer to be taught for something that is useful to me.

Arghhhh! I hate myself sometimes.

Writing down thoughts is very different from writing that feedback report ok? I type as i go along. Don't need think that much de.

Really damn fuck sian la. I'm going crazy soon.

Somebody.... Anybody....

PLEASE HELP & SAVE ME!!! Boohoohoo...


  1. Aiya teach juniors so easy lol tell them to watch and learn then ask if they are not sure abt a particular portion lor. Even if they dunno what to ask u can always check on them n correct their mistakes, that way u need not do direct teaching la lol

  2. Mel, for your info, i'm suppose to do a report on the course i went to. U are not helping.. Duh! Lol...

  3. I thought reports shld not be anything new to u. Reports are usually abt what are the concepts u learn that can be integrated into ur daily work rite? k lor sorry lor

  4. Haha... Ok la... Know you meant well... Im juz lousy at writing reports... I can put theory into use but when ask me to think back & write a report some more muz teach other pple i go crazy liao...

  5. haha i if u want i can try to help u but i need the info though as well as ur report writing format


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