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So damn fucking unlucky this week.

Had a quarrel with deardear abt his mother and he got angry with me when i am suppose to be the 1 to get angry. I hate him!

On thursday, my mind was full of the quarrel that when i went to the ATM to withdraw money, i actually remember to take my card but forget to take the money.

$50 just gone like this. Whoever the lucky chap it is that took my money, may your hands rot and fingers start dropping like a leprosy patient!

Today, my parents had a quarrel again. My mum really force my father up the wall this time and made him made up his mind to divorce.

I had to talk my father round for her but what did i get? Nothing! More insults from her instead! Just because my father favour and dote on me the most!

Is that a sin?

Why can't she dote on me just like my father do? Why must she get jealous over her own daughter? Just what did i do wrong?

I cannot take it anymore! I tried to talk her round and she say she don't have a daughter like me and that i side …


On a dark & lonely night when everyone's asleep,

Creatures of the dark arise from their sleep... Mouth watering for food and blood...


I'm talking about Zombies!

They are nothing like the normal humans moving slowly with blood in their mouths. Instead, they look more like deformed human wolf...

They are the fast moving type and they are out pounding the streets looking for their next victim...

Pounding along the streets, they found their victim. A lady all alone with a cigarette in her hand.

Licking their lips, they dash towards their victim. As they got nearer, i realise that i AM that lady they were going after!

My heart stopped for a moment... My next instinct told me to run for it. I turned the other direction and started running for my life.

I had a few near miss and almost ended up getting caught by them. I was beginning to run out of breath. They are nearing on me...

My legs couldn't carry me any further. They were too fast for me. They caught up with me and i stopped…

Start of my lonely lonely nights...

Before i start on, i have a few really really late updates which happened like 2 weeks ago? Erm... I finally found time to blog abt it la can anot?

Remember i was saying how boring it is and that there's nothing to blog abt at all 2 sundays ago? My sister made something happen so i can blog abt it.

She got into an accident which made the family Toyota Vios look like this....

For some retards out there, of cause my sister didn't really do it intentionally so that i can blog la! And obviously it wasn't her fault! Please don't be so idiotic.She damn poor thing lor. Was all alone when the thing happened. Luckily, there was a guy who was willing to be her witness.My sister was already halfway into the carpark and people who are in their parking lots should let the car go 1st before coming out from their lot right?Chee bye lorry driver saw the car coming still insist coming out from the lot. You think your fucking lorry very small izzit?Guess what was the injury done to the lor…

Happy Birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday To My Most Hated & Also Most Beloved Mother!
OMG! Can't imagine... How does it feel like to live half of a century? I'm already nearing a quarter liao. Very soon will be my turn le... Sianzzz... Anyway, long live to mummy! You all better wish her happy birthday or DIEEEEE!!!