On a dark & lonely night when everyone's asleep,

Creatures of the dark arise from their sleep... Mouth watering for food and blood...


I'm talking about Zombies!

They are nothing like the normal humans moving slowly with blood in their mouths. Instead, they look more like deformed human wolf...

They are the fast moving type and they are out pounding the streets looking for their next victim...

Pounding along the streets, they found their victim. A lady all alone with a cigarette in her hand.

Licking their lips, they dash towards their victim. As they got nearer, i realise that i AM that lady they were going after!

My heart stopped for a moment... My next instinct told me to run for it. I turned the other direction and started running for my life.

I had a few near miss and almost ended up getting caught by them. I was beginning to run out of breath. They are nearing on me...

My legs couldn't carry me any further. They were too fast for me. They caught up with me and i stopped breathing.


I woke up and my face had already broke out with cold sweat. I was shivering though the hot sun was shining through y window.


Why do i always seem to have nightmares when deardear is not by my side? What does the dream mean?

In the end, it seems that i did not sleep for the whole night and i'm so darn fucking tired. The zombies were on my mind even when i'm working in broad daylight.

No more gaming for me tonight.

I hope i don't get anymore nightmares. It's freaking me out!


  1. haha orbi la do too many bad things is like that de lol

    Smart man + Smart woman = romance
    Smart man + Dumb woman = affair
    Dumb man + Smart woman = marriage
    Dumb man + Dumb woman = pregnancy

    what's similar abt Alexander the Great and Winnie the pooh?

    Ans: Their middle name

    What's the difference between a mosquito and a fly?

    Ans: A mosquito can fly but a fly cant mosquito

    lol sounds kinda lame but well tot it was pretty cute

  2. haha its juz a joke lol hey see at least make ur blog more lively everyday log on see new jokes lol

  3. Ya ya.. Thx.. I was tokin abt u sayin mi do bad things.. I where got bad sia? Juz mean and very evil..

  4. hahah can tell lol

    discussion techniques

    A woman always have the last word in an argument. Anything a guy say after that will be a start of a new argument

    hmmm.... pretty true huh lol

    A queen was sitting with a pope on her castle balcony in front of thousands of her country people.

    Queen: Father, do u believe with a wave of my hand i can make those people go wild

    The pope showed no expression.The queen stood up and then waved her hand and thousands of cheers erupted. Very satisfied, she sat down beside the pope with a grin on her face.

    Pope: My lady, do u believe with a swing of my hand i not only can make the crowd go wild but can let them tell a story and pass it down from generation to generation.

    The queen not very convinced told the pope to prove it.

    The pope stood up, move towards the queen and slapped her.


  5. A married couple had a very bad argument before they left their home for a wedding. Driving along, both man and wife did not speak to each other till they passed a farm. Seeing a herd of cows, "relatives of yours" the husband said sarcastically. The wife calmly replied "yup, in-laws"

  6. Wahahaha... Among so many joke, i like this 1 the best! Bwahahaha! When i see them i must say Mooooo...(it means hi!) Kakaka...

  7. haha well knew u would love that 1

    A maths teacher asked her student.

    Teacher: John there are 4 crows sittin on a fence, how many will be left if a hunter shoots 1 down?
    John: none
    Teacher: y?
    John: Well when u shoot 1 the rest fly away.
    Teacher: The correct ans is 3 but i like your thinking.

    Then john asked his teacher another question:

    John: Teacher, there are 3 women eating an ice-cream cone each. The 1st was biting her cone, the 2nd was licking her cone and the 3rd was sucking her cone. Which of them is married?
    Teacher: The 1 sucking the cone.
    John: The correct ans is the 1 with the wedding ring on but i like your thinking.

  8. A family where having dinner in their dining area 1 nite when the mother asked her elder daughter

    Mother: Ella so what have u been up to while ur dad and i were away?
    Ella: nothing much juz the usual sch stuff.
    Kelly (ella's younger sis): Sis how can u be so humble, u saved josh (Ella's bf). Mum, that day josh was attacked by an eel in between his legs and ella saved him.

    Ella was shocked.Kelly continues:

    That day when i walked passed ellas room josh took off his trousers and i saw that deadly big eel. 1st Ella tried to bite it out and josh screamed after that, Ella tried to sit on it but both of them screamed.Then finally ella started strangling it till it vomitted white blood all over her face and became lifeless.

    Her parents stared at Ella in disbelief.

    Kelly: Its all thx to u mom, luckily u taught sis the technique of killing eels.

    Dad: what do u mean Kelly?

    Kelly : well dad when u were away the postman dropped by ....................................


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