Dear all,

I would hereby like to announce that i will most probably stop blogging.

Please ignore all the previous post in this blog about my parents-in-law. They are great people. I only said all the bad things in a moment of anger.

All those things are written by a spoilt brat and she no longer exist. The old Sheila is gone from this world. Eliminated from my life forever.

Here lies a heart-broken and humble girl who just want to change for the better. To be a better wife, daughter-in-law and as a human being as well.

It's never too late to start learning. The important thing is that i'm willing to learn and now i can only learn thru the hard way.

I can only depend on myself now. I need lots of support. I may continue to blog but it'll be as a brand new person so it'll be quite some time before i blog again.

If you're here to help, i welcome you. If you're not, i still welcome you but don't give any unnecessary comments.

Till we meet again dear friends. I'm going to go thru a transformation now.


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