Heart broken...

I'm sick and tired of people asking me what happen and if i'm ok anot.

It's kinda obvious abt what happen isn't it?

Want to know right? Ok! Fine! My husband wants divorce me ok? I'm not going into details because i don't wanna talk abt it anymore!

Go on... Laugh at me... Laugh at emo, pathetic Sheila.

So it's pretty obvious that i'm NOT ok! I'm upset. I can't stop crying when i'm all alone at night.

I nvr reply messages and answer calls is very obvious that i'm not in the mood to talk or discuss abt my current situation.

I'm not trying to be emo here so stop saying i'm being emo! If you're not here to console me then don't talk to me at all!

I'm heart broken! Not emo at all! My heart is breaking into small little pieces and i can't breath anymore...

I've lost whatever strength i have left in me. I'm like a bird being trapped in a cage not knowing what to do. To struggle is futile.

Nothing is settled until he comes back from Taiwan. I have no idea how i should fight for myself.

The clock is ticking... Time is passing by...

The time for my verdict is coming nearer and nearer. I swear i'm abt to stop breathing anytime.

Will i be given the death sentence? Or will i be given a 2nd chance?

If you guys truly love and care for me then please pray for me to be able to salvage my marriage. That's all i'm asking for.


  1. sorry to hear abt it. Dun worry too much la both of u juz need to sit down and calmly talk this over. Ur marriage will be fine de. Sorry abt the msges take care of urself ya. if u need some1 to talk to can look for me ba. take good care of urself and stay positive

  2. Thx mel... It's no use sitting down and talk anymore... He has made up his mind... I have no say... The verdict is out...

  3. well really sorry to hear that and at this pt there's nth i can really say but do take care of your health. When 1 door closes another opens, dun be too depressed u are not the only 1 in this world suffering. fer divorced too after having 2 kids and juz recently broke up with her bf of 1 and a half yrs {they stayed together}. Her folks at hm fight so bad till she has to stay on her own on a rented room in woodlands alone and is still surviving. If she can stand up after so many ordeals i believe u can also do the same.

  4. Im not her... Im not tat strong... I love my husband too much to let him go... I know he not so heartless 1... Im going to win his heart back...

  5. haha sure can de la wish u da best of luck n dun give up

  6. why the sudden decision by him?

  7. 10 years later. You are now happily married to Hamsum Chow on 24 June 2018


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