My BOSS is a F**king CB!

My dear friends, sorry for disappearing for so long. Im fine! Don't worry abt me.

Life has never been better for me. I have not enjoyed life in such a long time.

It's great to be single again. No worries abt anything. Just living my life to the fullest i can.

The only fucking problem i have is my job. I'm no longer working there anymore so pls don't go there find job liao. Look for other agencies.

I like very long never complain liao. What is my blog for man? I'm gonna COMPLAIN!!!

My cb boss is really a fucking cb bitch lor.

She always think she damn fucking smart like that. Nobody can be smarter than her. Think she so good in talking then cannot tahan people talk better than her.

Super knn la. 40 over years old liao still think like a fucking small kid.

She is the most cb, most lamest boss i've ever seen. I swear i will never work for a woman again.

Never! Not for the fucking rest of my whole life if i can help it.

Sorry ar! Abit vulgar this entry. I cannot control la. Too angry liao. Since want complain then must complain gao gao la. Don't want read can fuck off.

She damn weak la. Just because a staff that has work for 6 years has decided to resign then she cannot take it liao.

Always think her company is the best and people can't survive if they leave. After that start to bad mouth people liao.

She ever think why people want leave anot? Why is the turnover rate so high? Because of her fucking filthy mouth la.

She knows what she has done lor. She should touch her heart and ask herself la. Instead, she continue to blame people.

Whoever leave that company she will bad mouth, no sales also bad mouth. Smart people got eyes to see and ears to hear la.

God knows lor. Always asking people to chant. Not that her religion is bad but she as a person is just freaking lousy la. She must be deprived from sex. Her poor husband...

Only know how to make use of people. I already feel i'm being underpaid but i keep quiet nia. Thought she nice boss then i also enjoy what i'm doing.

But i came to realise what kind of person she is. I lose all the heart to fight for her anymore.

I'm not like her that stupid dog or should i say pig, following her licking her cb everywhere she go.

Totally no life man. Like her life belongs to the cb boss. No backbone la! Useless bitch! Quit putting up an act. Nobody loves you! Boo! Why don't you just drop dead?

When my colleague decide to leave, she want come and brainwash me. Pls la! Use your brain abit can since you think you damn smart.

Do i look like the kind that can be brainwashed easily? I'm a person who has a mind of my own. I'm not some freaking puppet that can be manipulated lor.

Don't ever underestimate people la. I may be young but i'm no fool man. You think you smart but there will be people out there smarter than you! Wake up your idea biatch!

Her biggest mistake was to bad mouth my colleague in front of me cause she wanna brainwash me. She never thought i would be in such good terms with my colleague.

C'mon man! When 2 ah lians get together. There will be no peace de. Hahaha! I am those super jiang yi qi 1 ok? Don't fucking bad mouth my friends. I will give you hell.

Knn. You can do this to her, 1 fine day you can do this to me! Really see me no up sia. I seem simple minded because i don't want use my brain only. Stupid bitch!

Super cb 1 lor. Call me early in the morning and ask me what i'm trying to play with her just because i email my colleague and she saw that email.

Play what sia? Merry go round ar? Don't want talk to her de lor. Then when i talk back she cannot take it. Talk until like she want cry liao.

Say i play with her feelings. Fuck sia! I'm not interested in old woman la. Say i got potential, want groom me and give me chance to learn.

Don't bullshit me la! If you really think i'm that good then why don't want confirm me? Why underpay me? Think i cheap labour izzit?

At night send me message ask me don't need go back work till further notice. Good la! I don't want go back also. You think i starve without you ar?

Accuse me of creating politics. What the fuck sia? I don't need say anything people also know what you do lor. That is why people quit!

Don't you get it you old woman? Too smart already or brain move too slow? Why don't you just retire and stay home play with your barbie dolls?

Say she disappointed with my personality. What's wrong with my personality? I got personality and character ok? And my interpersonal skill is much better than yours la.

If not why you think i attract so many bees and have so many friends? I don't bad mouth people de. I'm more disappointed in your personality lor.

Lousy personality with a lousy attitude towards your staff. Want pick quarrel with me but lose le act like want cry and say until you so damn good to me.

What you say behind my back only you know better la or do you need me to spell it out? I hate hypocrites man.

She confirm everyday go back say i no good 1. It's ok de la. Expected. I'm not upset at all cause i know what you say is rubbish! Only those without brains will believe what you say.

Now she this fucking cb don't allow me to go back collect my personal belongings lor. What the hell leh? Can like that 1 meh?

Ask her pig to pack my things into a paper bag then access my email. Access mail nevermind leh cause is company de. Can like that touch my things 1 meh?

Really pissed off la. I give her until next monday. If she still don't let me go back collect my things i'm gonna report police already.

I will also accuse her of stealing my things. Anyhow touch touch. All her fucking germs on top of it. Cannot use liao lor. Cannot use also must take back and throw away!

I will sue her until her panties drop!

Oh man... Say too much bad things le. God forgive me pls... I will pray that she become a better person de.

Song la! Feel so much better! This entry like abit long hor? Cause too long never complain liao! Hahahaha!!!

Till next time i login again. BYEEEEEEE!!!


  1. One day a grandmother wanted to test her 3 yr old granddaughter on colours that she had learnt. "Kelly, what is the colour of that chair?" she asked. "Its blue grandma" she replied "and the table?" "Its brown grandma"."Hmmm... ic what about this sofa set?". Kelly feeling abit frustrated replied "Grandma, u really should learn your colours."


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