Im free!

Yesterday, i was finally allowed to go back and collect my belongings and paycheck from that stupid place.

Some of my things were missing and my pay kena cut like don't know what and delay my pay somemore but i don't care anymore.

I have no time to argue with small and petty people. Got better things to do than waste my breath on them.

Most importantly is i no longer have anything to do with them and that place anymore. Woohoo! So so so happy la!

Been sick since last thursday till now. Stupid fever, headache, body ache, flu, cough and sore throat. Torture me till now.

Why must i be so so so sick la? Sick until i go interview also scared i faint on the road. Very weak lor. Sianzzz...

Been to many interviews but no results. I will not lose heart because God will open a road for me. Any place beats being in that lousy place agreed?

Btw, whatever happened to all my haters? Disappear from the earth already ar? Kena badly wounded by my army izzit?

Bwahahaah! Serves you people right for cursing others. Bleah!

Regarding abt my problem with my husband, i'm tired of explaining. I'm gonna say it 1 more time and i hope it gets into your brains.

We already sign the papers ok? We are officially separated. That's it! Don't ask so many questions! It's between me and him.

I love him so i let him go. What's wrong with that? If it makes him happy so why not? Don't ask me how i cope with it. I'm fine!

I finally understand the meaning of love. Love can be selfish and also selfless. I just want him to be happy with or without me.

What's the point of holding on to something that doesn't belong to you? It's not gonna make you any happy at all.

I used to see people as being stupid for letting go so easily. I always believe in fighting for your own happiness.

I tried salvaging but some things are just too late. I finally realise that the most important in loving a person is to see the person happy.

As long as he is happy, i'm willing to do anything for him just to see him smile. I'll always wish him well no matter where i am or where i go.

Only when you can do that then you can truly say that you love that person or else all is just empty talk. He and i are still friends. Good friends!

All now that is left are just memories. Though happy but also painful memories. Whatever it is, i'm just glad i possess such memories with him.

Have i explained myself clearly? Actually getting separated may not such a bad thing also. We both need our own private time to cool down and think things through.

I can do alot of things that i never had the chance to do. Both of us has been missing out alot since we got married so young.

Now i just wanna live my own life. Change to be a better person and be happy because life is short. It's all abt me, myself and i now.

For people out there who mayb facing the same problem as me or even worse, mayb you guys want to try going to church and pray.

I'm not trying to be an evangelist here but it really helped me alot when i open my heart to the Lord so i'm just suggesting it. To do it or not is up to you.

Now i can't close down my blog le cause got advertisers want post ads on my blog la. So happy la can? It's like a dream come true. Keep your eyes peel for the ads though.

I will not delete my previous entries as they are precious lessons to be learnt. I will always go through it and remind myself how stupid i was and never to commit the same mistakes again.

From here we shall see how much i can grow and learn from all my mistakes. I'm not perfect. I will definitely still make mistakes as i grow but i will try to improve and minimise it.

Good friends cheer me on ya? Love you guys.

No matter how lonely or helpless you feel,
Always remember that God loves his children.
YOU are his child forever and ever. Amen!


  1. A 6 yr old gal came back after a bus ride with her dad and complained to her mum.

    Gal: Mummy mummy, daddy asked me to give up my seat to a lady.

    Mum: Well darling, what ur daddy did was a right thing.

    Gal: but mummy I was sitting on daddy's lap!

  2. A company of soldiers embarked on a 12 mile route march.

    Platoon Sgt: U are doing great men, we are nearly there!! Keep up the good work!!!

    The whole company of troops had a boost in morale, picked up the pace and started singing their military songs loudly and heartily.

    Platoon Sgt: Great job men!!! Juz another 4 miles to the starting pt.


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