It's been a week since i signed the papers. I won't say i'm very happy but i'm not that sad either.

It's over! I got my freedom back though not exactly what i wanted but God has a plan for me i believe.

What's with all the remarks on the tagboard? Are you guys the dogs of hers too? I am appalled at the amount of dogs she keep.

She doesn't feed you guys so u guys are damn hungry now is it? Anyhow bark. Whatever i've written here is my problem.

Don't get my family involved or the same thing will happen to your families too. I think you guys are simply pathetic.

Why don't you guys go lick somebody's arse since you are so hungry. The person may decide to give you some shit to eat.

It's ok to build your happiness on my misery la. I'm fine with it. Gotten so used to it already. I'm just glad i made some idiots happy. =)

Thanks for building up on my blog traffic. Totally appreciate that. Sorry to say that i'm closing it down soon.

All the trouble started from here and it's time to end it. Thanks to all my supporters and haters! You guys make my day!


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