Forget everything...

1 more week before i turn 25. Damn! Time flies by so fast. Better happily enjoy this last precious week while i'm still 24.

I feel so tired. Work is busy. No time to for anything else. Plans for studies are already on my mind. Hope everything goes smoothly.

Now is a good time to forget everything. Forget all unhappy and painful memories. Forget him. Forget myself. Forget my past life.

Something funny happen today while i'm having lunch. A butterfly came flying towards me while i'm eating.

It's pretty weird to see a butterfly at that hour of time and some more at coffeeshop lor. Then keep flying to my face.

My HR manager chase it away but it made 1 big round back at me again. I don't remember offending any butterflies leh.

Although i love butterflies la but i so scared it will land on my head. I confirm will go mad la. Lucky that didn't happen la. All it did was fly around me.

My HR manager say it must be attracted by some kind of smell. I told him i got no BO lor so don't anyhow say. Lol..

He then call me Han Xiang. Duh! -_- Zzzzz... He watch too much Huan Zhu Ge Ge le. Haha! Super lame la.

Super tired and super sleepy. Want go sleep le. Nitez!


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