Happy 25th Birthday To Me!

The day i dread has finally came and gone. Today is a new beginning. I hereby wish myself Happily Living For Quarter Of A Century!

Thanks to all the friends who message me to wish me happy birthday though he wasn't 1 of them but i guess i should have expected it.

My colleagues all gave me a surprise! They treated me to KFC and they order it without me knowing. Very sweet of them and i thought nobody knows it's my birthday.

Thanks to my family for treating me to steamboat. Freaking bloated now. I think i ate till the food reach my throat liao.

I would also like to thank my mother-in-law though she doesn't read my blog. Thanks that she remembered my birthday and made the effort of boiling 2 hard boil eggs for me and gave me an ang pow.

It's some kind of tradition. Peeling the shell is like peeling all the bad things in your life and good things will come into your life. The amount doesn't matter. It's the thought that counts and i'm very much touched by her actions and i truly appreciate it.

Today will be the start of my new life. I have wasted enough time and energy on love and relationship that brings nothing but pain.

I will not do that anymore. From now on, my focus will be on my studies and work. I will not waste anymore time on love and mushy stuffs.

Life sucks too much to be wasting time on feeling pain and misery. Although i know talk is easy and i'm not that strong but i try.

I have lost all trust in love and i do not want to drag something which i have no trust in anymore. I always thought love can overcome everything. I gave all my love and all i got back in return is nothing but pain.

Even if i were to remain single all my life also doesn't really matter because i don't trust in relationships anymore. It's better to have more friends.

Good friends stick to you no matter what happens and never ever leave you in the lurch when you need them the most. Not all though.

But we do not just have 1 good friend. We have lots of good friend and 1 will definitely be there for you when you need them.

I'm just not meant to have love in my life. Maybe not now. Not that it is important to have relationships in our lives but i've tried and failed.The answer is clear.

Career woman i am not because i am just a simple, fragile gal who wants nothing more than just to stay happy.

I pray to God that he will give me that sense of peace and happiness and that all will get better in time.



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