Many things have been happening lately till i feel total lost and not knowing what to do. I have already cleared my thoughts and now i know which direction to go.

I hope and believe that i'm making the right choice. May what i decide bring me the peace i want. I'm tired of thinking and feeling miserable.

Someone once told me that all good things will come to an end. There are no banquets that will never end. Tomorrow will just be another brand new day.

Believe that God has his plans for me. Just follow my heart and listen to him. He will lead me to happiness. I really wanna believe in that and i will.

I may have lost the battle now but i won't lose forever. I will stand up stronger and better than before because i know where my weaknesses are.

God will be with me no matter where i am. He will walk side by side with me when i'm strong and carry me when i'm weak. I have nothing to fear. AMEN!

Work has been busy. Been out on the field with my sales people understanding how they do their job and how i can assist and support them.

Tough job for them. Always out there rain or shine whereas i get to stay in office. Must do my best to make their effort out there worthwhile.

So many things to learn. My brain exploding with knowledge liao which is good. Can take my mind off things that will upset me.

Not much updates. Will share more after i learn more. Take care and God bless to people who love me and hate me.


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