Looking back...

Looking back at our lives, we realise that we often do alot of foolish things. Some are worth laughing at and some makes us feel disgusted with ourselves.

Those were the days. The things that we do, we often feel we are damn right about it or it's downright funny at that point of time.

We never realise that the things we do often hurt alot of people around us. Humans are selfish creatures often thinking that we are always right.

I'm not a person that likes regrets in whatever i do but very often, i do things which i regret later and it's often too late to do anything to salvage the situation.

We can never turn back time. There are no time for regrets. Things happen for a reason and life goes on no matter what happens.

We can only learn from our mistakes and not commit it again. Things are just not gonna be the same again after the damage is done. The scar will always be there.

I don't know abt others and i have no right to judge others. I, myself often do alot of things to hurt people ard me and in return i get hurt too.

What goes round comes round i guess. You reap what you sow.

The situation i land myself in is often too late to just say sorry. The damage is big and disastrous. I'm always at a lost not knowing what to do.

So often, i lose my sense of direction. Not knowing where to go and who to turn to. Though i believe in God but i can't help myself feeling emotions.

I don't like loneliness. I get scared easily. He was always there for me but have i always been there for him too? Not much, that was why he left.

He has someone there for him now. I should be feeling happy for him but why do i still cry so often? He is no longer by my side but he will always live in my heart.

Days, weeks and months went by. How many lonely nights have i spent on my own? How many hours have i cried for him? How often does he appear in my dreams?

Nights are getting more lonely. Tears flow on their own even when i'm asleep. Dreams are getting lesser. I still miss him alot...

Weekends are a torture to me now. I do not know where to go and what to do. Time passes by so slowly and the day seems so draggy. Sometimes i spend hours just staring at the ceiling.

The time we spend together on weekends are no longer there. All alone on my own. I feel like an abandoned child. Work is all i have now.

Life goes on... I will slowly learn and grow in God's grace... I will be fine... I will be strong... I will be happy in time to come... Time will heal... Everything will get better in time...


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