Angry? Happy? Sad?

So angry! I am so so so angry today. Don't wanna talk about it anymore. I hate people who always expects help from others but don't wanna help others.

Selfish la! Arghhhhh!!! I'm so angry plus i got drenched in the morning while going to work. But i'm not a person who hold grudges. I'll forget about it soon. Keke...

Woohoo! I'm also very happy. Counting down the days. 1 more day and off i go to have fun and leave this busy and sad world behind for 4 days.

Hope by the time i come back, i'll only be busy and not sad anymore. Actually, i stop feeling sad quite some time ago le.

But i'm afterall human ma. Once in awhile still will feel some emotions de. I'm not cold-blooded nor am i heartless ok?

Can't wait. Time pass by faster please. Therefore, dear friends if you are looking for me, i'll be back on sun night. Don't miss me too much. Lol...

May all the people i care about have an enjoyable weekend. Love ya guys! Muacks! Tata...


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