I'm touched...

I used to feel that when the elderly cares for you, it can be really irritating and annoying because all they do is nag and nag and nag. I really hate it but...

Only when you are down, they can feel it and they will be there for you though ultimately, we have to stand on our own feet because they won't always be there for me.

Now i truly know how it feels to have someone care for me when i thought i have lost everything. I begin to give up on myself.

But, they have never given up hope on me. They are always there silently watching over me. They don't say but they actually care. I feel really lucky to have them.

They watch me grow from a small little girl who has bad temper, unreasonable behaviour and a total spoilt brat to a more sensible human being.

They can sense when i'm upset and lost. They give encouraging words. They teach me the way of life. To think i used to find them a pain. Not anymore.

They are the treasure i never knew i had and i'm very touched by their actions. I will treasure them till the day we have to say goodbye though i wish i can always be with them.

They taught all they could and i've learnt how to care for others and think before i say anything. I really wanna love them, care for them and i truly appreciate them.

I finally know the meaning of jia you yi lao, ru you yi bao. It's very true. Please care for the elderly at your home before you lose them and it would be too late to say I'm Sorry.

I made a mistake once and i'm not gonna repeat it again. I will treasure whatever i have now until the day comes when we can no longer be together.

May God always bless them...


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