Let the rain wash everything unhappy away

Today i walked home in the rain. Heaven must have known that i was feeling upset and therefore sent this rain to wash away my pain.

I just realise that some of the memories that i treasure alot has been erased. It no longer exist in my life.

Yes... Fate has just played another joke on me. It hurts alot but it's not going to hurt long though it has once again open up a wound and left a scar in me.

Life has dealt me with many blows but i will learn to stand up again. I will pick myself up again.

I've been through the darkest moments in my life and i don't think anything can be worse than that. Though i have not walked out of it entirely yet but i think i can do it.

From that moment onwards, nothing and no one can bring me down again. As the rain lash onto my face and the cold wind blowing against my wet body, i did not feel cold at all.

The only thing that has gone cold is my heart. I teared for a moment and i told myself to be strong.

Some things are just not worth the effort anymore. I should just let it go. Let the rain wash away my pains and unhappy memories.


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