No time to update. Very sorry to all my dear friends. Been really busy with work. Every night come home i already brain dead.

Work is fine. Life is pretty fine too i think. Work is slightly stressful and busy. Too many responsibilities.

It's good cause it keeps me busy and it just proves that i am capable of working compared to what some others that think likewise of me.

My manager dotes on me alot and i have a bunch of really nice and caring sales team. We are like 1 big family. No doubts there will be politics but everything is pretty much under control.

I just hope i can do my job well and don't get into any trouble. My manager expects alot from me and i don't wanna disappoint him.

My team are all depending on me to process their documents for them so no space for any mistakes to be made.

I've been feeling pretty sick recently. Sick of seeing and hearing things that i'm trying to avoid. Nah! I'm really feeling sick.

Some say i overwork but i think not. Maybe i'm just trying to cope with anger management and stress. Weather hasn't been really good either and i've always been weak.

Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I'm a grown up gal and i can take care of myself. I know where my limit is.

Time is running out for me and there are still so many things i have yet to do. I just hope i have enough time.

I'm counting down the days till i start my studies. Something else to occupy my mind that is overflowing with knowledge.

Not to worry! My brain takes in things like a sponge. I am confident i can do well that is if my body can take it.

Shouldn't be a problem ba. I have too much energy and no where to use it. I'll try not to let my body system break down though. =p

Will post up some photos of my colleagues the next time i blog. Very lazy now. Eyes are half closing. Total brain deadness.

Chaos.. Adieus.. Sayonara.. Till the next time i blog again..


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