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Happy Halloween!

Sorry for the lack of updates.

Went out on Deepavali with my sis and khai. We went to watch movie, The Coffin. What can i say? Most lame thai horror show i've ever watched.

Been really busy with work. Was to give admin training on wednesday on our system and necessary paperwork to new staff so was busy preparing the materials.

So far working here, 3 colleagues has already left us so here comes new staff and thanks to Jimmy, i had to give the training.

3 ladies and Jaya, the man who is taking over Jimmy's position aka my future manager. I think i really sucks at teaching.

1 to 1 training i'm still ok la but teaching so many people at the same time in conference room is seriously not my forte.

I get stucked with words at times. I've only seen Jimmy do such trainings but never expect that he will throw me go die like this.

Wahahahaha! Actually not a bad experience la. Since i know my stuff well and Jimmy has enough trust in me to do a good job i should be proud ba.

I should share…

A super lousy day

Yippee! I finally got my internet connection back but it came at a very heavy price.

Yesterday i was on leave so i went down to orchard to apply internet since i have a friend working there, but i didn't meet him at all cause he went out to do some business. His colleague attended to me instead.

I was soooooo happy that they actually provide cash and carry which means i don't have to wait for them to deliver. I just carry the modem home and plug in myself.

It was a pretty hot day so i thought of sitting down someplace and have a drink.

I was walking along the pavement and as you guys know that on top of the drain, there's always a metal plate.

Who would expect the metal plate to give way? I step on 1 that did and my whole leg went into the drain.

I had 1 hand carrying my bag and another hand holding on to the modem in a plastic bag. Was kinda heavy.

I was lucky not to fall face flat into the drain. I did not sustain any injuries but i did sort of sprain my ankle a little and stre…

Lousy Week...

It has been a really lousy week for me. On monday, i was called into the GM office and got reprimanded for nothing.

My internet has been cut off because the contract ended. Very sickening. Lots of work to do even when i'm at home but can't access my email.

My wisdom tooth is giving me lots of pain since last week. Arghhhhh!!!!

Yesterday during meeting, my manager announce a really bad news to us. He is being taken down by the GM to the R&D department with effect on 1st Nov.

Another guy from drainage department will be promoted as our manager. I think it was a result of my manager fighting too hard for us.

It really came as a shocking news to me. Was unable to accept it. It feels as though my mum is telling me my dad is not my real dad that kind of feeling.

Ya. I know it's abit exaggerating la but i really feel very sad lor. I will miss my boss la. I couldn't help but weep like a small kid. Why is the GM so against us?

We are afterall the only department generating revenue…

Life is so far so good...

Beyond is coming to town again. The last i saw of them was like 2 years back. I'm a huge fan of theirs and was very sad when the lead singer died in a freak accident.

I badly wanna go see them again but i don't think i should spend the money like this plus this time round, it's only 2 of them though my favourite drummer is coming.

Sighz... Growing up is torturing. There are so many things you need to learn and always have to think twice about a certain decision but i guess that's life.

I receive my letter of acceptance loh. Tomorrow go make payment to make sure i get a place 1st. So happy... Can't wait for my course to start.

I realise that i don't really blog much about my job. Well... I think i just didn't know what to say. Work is good. My boss is also good. Colleagues good.

My boss brings me out when i request to see a particular job done cause i'm interested to know more about our products and how is the process.

Just like today. I just went to see our s…

Genting Trip Part 2

I promised photos but after posting them up in friendster, i really super lazy to post it up here le. If you guys wanna see it then go view my friendster ok? Sorry la...

This is my friendster web address.

Overall, the genting trip had been pretty fun. Will probably be going again soon. This time, i'll just stay in the casino. Lol...

I'm in a pretty happy mood because i got my confirmation letter and an increment to go with it. Super happy!

Last night something happened. I was washing my face and when i look into the mirror, i saw 1 bloody big cockroach climbing on the tiles behind me.

The 1st thing i did was to call out for him to kill the pest. He took a roll of newspaper, went into the bathroom and "SMACK!"

For one moment, it felt as though my husband is back and we are a happily married couple but i know it's not true.

I felt that way for about 1 sec when i jolted back to reality again. He is gone. The husband that i love has al…