Genting Trip Part 2

I promised photos but after posting them up in friendster, i really super lazy to post it up here le. If you guys wanna see it then go view my friendster ok? Sorry la...

This is my friendster web address.

Overall, the genting trip had been pretty fun. Will probably be going again soon. This time, i'll just stay in the casino. Lol...

I'm in a pretty happy mood because i got my confirmation letter and an increment to go with it. Super happy!

Last night something happened. I was washing my face and when i look into the mirror, i saw 1 bloody big cockroach climbing on the tiles behind me.

The 1st thing i did was to call out for him to kill the pest. He took a roll of newspaper, went into the bathroom and "SMACK!"

For one moment, it felt as though my husband is back and we are a happily married couple but i know it's not true.

I felt that way for about 1 sec when i jolted back to reality again. He is gone. The husband that i love has already left me.

I still kinda miss him at times and wonder where he went to.

The guy that stands in front of me right now, i no longer know who he is.


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