Life is so far so good...

Beyond is coming to town again. The last i saw of them was like 2 years back. I'm a huge fan of theirs and was very sad when the lead singer died in a freak accident.

I badly wanna go see them again but i don't think i should spend the money like this plus this time round, it's only 2 of them though my favourite drummer is coming.

Sighz... Growing up is torturing. There are so many things you need to learn and always have to think twice about a certain decision but i guess that's life.

I receive my letter of acceptance loh. Tomorrow go make payment to make sure i get a place 1st. So happy... Can't wait for my course to start.

I realise that i don't really blog much about my job. Well... I think i just didn't know what to say. Work is good. My boss is also good. Colleagues good.

My boss brings me out when i request to see a particular job done cause i'm interested to know more about our products and how is the process.

Just like today. I just went to see our service guys at work. Pretty cool and it feels good to get out of the office once awhile.

I'm learning alot of new things on our products and services. Everything just seem so interesting and amazing to me and my boss is more than happy to show it to me.

I get to go around with him and see how he close sales. Today i even get to go home early cause we ended at a weird timing and it doesn't seem right for me to go back office.

Apart from that, the only bad thing is that sales team everyday is like having a constant war with branch support. Shall further explain when i've got the time.

In a way, it's somehow like sales against branch support. Department against department and not internal conflict or politics.

We work pretty well as a team and my boss is always there supporting us so i'm pretty happy with the way things are.

So what more can i ask for? Life may sucks at times but that's life. No one is perfect. Everyone meets up with problems in their everyday lives.

I'm not a troublemaker but i attract troubles like honey attracts bees. I'm just glad to have my family and friends supporting me all this while.


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