Lousy Week...

It has been a really lousy week for me. On monday, i was called into the GM office and got reprimanded for nothing.

My internet has been cut off because the contract ended. Very sickening. Lots of work to do even when i'm at home but can't access my email.

My wisdom tooth is giving me lots of pain since last week. Arghhhhh!!!!

Yesterday during meeting, my manager announce a really bad news to us. He is being taken down by the GM to the R&D department with effect on 1st Nov.

Another guy from drainage department will be promoted as our manager. I think it was a result of my manager fighting too hard for us.

It really came as a shocking news to me. Was unable to accept it. It feels as though my mum is telling me my dad is not my real dad that kind of feeling.

Ya. I know it's abit exaggerating la but i really feel very sad lor. I will miss my boss la. I couldn't help but weep like a small kid. Why is the GM so against us?

We are afterall the only department generating revenue for the company. Sighz... I guess that's what happen when there is a new GM on board.

Different thinking, different ways of doing things. We staff of the low ranking can only accept and adapt to the changes. I really hate working under woman sometimes.

I think there will be more to come. A storm awaits us at the front. We must brace ourselves to survive the storm. Only 2 choices. Do or die!

Suddenly feel like watching my wedding video again. Started crying all over again but it feels pretty good to let it out.

I guess i just needed a reason to cry and let out my frustrations except i don't vent it some innocent party like what i used to do in the past.

The video shows 2 very happy people. The guy was doing all the demands from all the jie mei's so he could get to his wife.

There they are smiling so happily and looking forward to a happily ever after life together. He promised her dad to look after and take good care of her.

Now this 2 person has already gone from the surface of the world. There is no trace of them left. What's left is only memories and pieces from a broken heart.

Even though it hurts but i realise from watching the video that i don't regret marrying him at all despite all the things he have done to hurt me.

It's just that things happen in such a fast pace, i have no time to catch my breath at all. Now that i have all the time, i'm beginning to heal bit by bit.

I won't say i have totally got over this whole issue but it doesn't really hurt me that much anymore and i don't really care anymore.

Some things are just not worth the effort anymore and i shouldn't be wasting time dwelling on it. I have already moved on with my life.

For the 1st time, i tasted the sweetness of freedom and not getting tied down by someone else. I can go anywhere i like and do whatever i like.

For the 1st time, i can stand on my own feet and not depend on someone else. Being independent feels really good.

For the 1st time, i can do things i want to do without having to think and care about what others will say but of cause, if the things i do will get them involved or hurt them, i won't do it.

I do miss him at times but not so much anymore. I'm slowly forgetting him. He is slowly fading away from my mind.

All i have and care about now is my work, my studies, my family and friends who truly care.

I don't think i will go to beyond's concert le. I'm saving up my money for a certain future plan that i have in mind.

Talking about concert. I forgot to mention this in my trip to genting. Sammi happen to be there having a concert while we were there.

The tickets are like freaking cheap la. Grace was pestering me to go to the concert with her but the cheapest tickets ran out real fast.

She kept grumbling about me not fast enough to buy the tickets. I offered her to go alone on a more expensive ticket but she don't want.

What we did was to stand outside the stadium on the cold lonely streets and try to catch what was going on inside.

I was freezing on the insides le but still continue to stay there like an idiot. Can hear abit also song lor. I think Grace and me can be very mad at times.

I also saw my ex driving instructor, Mr. Lim there on the day we were suppose to go home. What a coincidence huh?

Sighz... End of my lunch break. Back to work.


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