A super lousy day

Yippee! I finally got my internet connection back but it came at a very heavy price.

Yesterday i was on leave so i went down to orchard to apply internet since i have a friend working there, but i didn't meet him at all cause he went out to do some business. His colleague attended to me instead.

I was soooooo happy that they actually provide cash and carry which means i don't have to wait for them to deliver. I just carry the modem home and plug in myself.

It was a pretty hot day so i thought of sitting down someplace and have a drink.

I was walking along the pavement and as you guys know that on top of the drain, there's always a metal plate.

Who would expect the metal plate to give way? I step on 1 that did and my whole leg went into the drain.

I had 1 hand carrying my bag and another hand holding on to the modem in a plastic bag. Was kinda heavy.

I was lucky not to fall face flat into the drain. I did not sustain any injuries but i did sort of sprain my ankle a little and stretch my lower thigh muscles.

Sooooooooooo super paiseh la and was in alot of pain. Everybody just stare and nobody actually step forward to help. I was wearing a super short mini skirt some more. Talk about adding insult to injury man.

I felt pretty helpless at that point of time and almost cried but i told myself that i have been through alot more things that's much worse than this so it's nothing.

I've already grown up and i can take care of myself. Cannot cry like a small kid anymore. I picked myself up and limped to the nearest cafe.

I ordered a ice cold mocha and sat down on a sofa to rest my leg. The mocha didn't have much taste but i still felt satisfied.

I guess i'm a pretty easily satisfied person. I felt really relaxed sitting down there with a shelter over my head. I didn't feel so relatively hot anymore.

Alot went through my mind while i was wasting time away but it felt pretty good to be all alone sitting there and enjoying my drink.

I cleared alot of my thoughts there with no disturbance. I know what i want to do with my life and my long term plans.

I only pray that i have enough time to do everything i want to do.


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