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No time...

Bah! I thought i would have more time to relax after the Loo Campaign organised by the World Restroom Association but i seem to get more and more busy.

So many month end reports to do, load photos, attend course and 1 particular new sales person is irritating the shit out of me not to mention the usual rubbish coming from Branch Support.

I swear i will not Ms Nice Lady anymore if she pisses me off 1 more time. Don't understand how an adult woman like her can act like that with that kind of behaviour.

Don't wanna talk about her right now. Let me have a nice weekend for once. I'm already having enough stress.

My handphone is a total goner. Even Sony Ericsson can't save my phone. What luck! So it's time for me to burn a hole in my pocket again.

The only good thing is that my pimples are getting slightly better though it's still pretty red and i think the scars are gonna stay awhile.

I also bought a new camera and i love it so much!!! It's the Canon PowerShot E1 and …

I'm busted!

It had been a really lousy week for me. I certainly hope this week will get better.

1st, i had the school calling me to tell me that there wasn't enough student for the course i'm taking and therefore there will be no class.

I was really upset. I almost cried. I have been looking forward to the classes and as the date comes nearer, they say no class.

I felt really lost. The next intake is next year March. I don't know if i can wait that long. Maybe i'll look out for other schools.

Remember that 2 years ago i was knocked down by a vehicle in Indonesia? Recently, i fell down the stairs, knock my head and was admitted to the hospital.

I've heard that people die a few months later after they knocked their head. I wonder if i'm 1 of them. I hope not. Sounds abit scary.

I seem to be very prone to accidents huh? If my dad was a millionaire, i would employ bodyguards to follow me everywhere i go.

Just a dream... I'll probably marry a billionaire. Lol... Better start takin…



No time to blog. There's an upcoming event organised by the Restroom organization and our company is 1 of the sponsors.

It's called the Loo Campaign and it will be held at the Singapore Zoo. We also have a booth there to promote our products.

The whole team will be there to educate the public on our hygiene services. Eversince i started working here, i've been paying alot of attention to my personal hygiene.

Now i know how important it to wash our hands properly and sanitizations. There are so many germs around us and we never really pay any attention to it.

I hope i don't become those people who are so extreme about cleanliness. Lol.. Not that they are bad la but too extreme also not very good ba.

We humans have to live with abit of dirt else our immune system won't work properly.

Ok. Enough of that. My main purpose is to say that i'll probably have more time to blog after the event.

Been working around the clock non-stop. Too many things to settle and to…


Today we had the 1st meeting with the new manager, Jaya on board. The meeting lasted for nearly half a day with lots of new issues.

My sales people had their share of complains on how much suffering we had with the unsupportive help of branch support.

At the same time, he also implemented alot of things on me which Jimmy never did in the past because he knows it's gonna be tough on me.

Jaya being totally new to our industry of cause had no idea. Apparently, it was the directive from our dear GM.

I'm gonna be overloaded soon but still, i had to get on with it. I'll try it for a month or so to see how well i can deal with it.

I wanna see how far i can stretch my limits. He say will employ an assistant for me but whether the headcount will be approved is still another thing.

I see darkness ahead of me. Gonna be totally engulfed by it soon. My life sucks but at least i'm proven to be capable of handling things well. =)

He initially suggested me to join the sales as a BDE (Busines…