No time to blog. There's an upcoming event organised by the Restroom organization and our company is 1 of the sponsors.

It's called the Loo Campaign and it will be held at the Singapore Zoo. We also have a booth there to promote our products.

The whole team will be there to educate the public on our hygiene services. Eversince i started working here, i've been paying alot of attention to my personal hygiene.

Now i know how important it to wash our hands properly and sanitizations. There are so many germs around us and we never really pay any attention to it.

I hope i don't become those people who are so extreme about cleanliness. Lol.. Not that they are bad la but too extreme also not very good ba.

We humans have to live with abit of dirt else our immune system won't work properly.

Ok. Enough of that. My main purpose is to say that i'll probably have more time to blog after the event.

Been working around the clock non-stop. Too many things to settle and too little time to do it. I've been assigned a hell lot of task.

Hope the event will run smoothly. Gotta run. Lots of work awaits me.


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