I'm busted!

It had been a really lousy week for me. I certainly hope this week will get better.

1st, i had the school calling me to tell me that there wasn't enough student for the course i'm taking and therefore there will be no class.

I was really upset. I almost cried. I have been looking forward to the classes and as the date comes nearer, they say no class.

I felt really lost. The next intake is next year March. I don't know if i can wait that long. Maybe i'll look out for other schools.

Remember that 2 years ago i was knocked down by a vehicle in Indonesia? Recently, i fell down the stairs, knock my head and was admitted to the hospital.

I've heard that people die a few months later after they knocked their head. I wonder if i'm 1 of them. I hope not. Sounds abit scary.

I seem to be very prone to accidents huh? If my dad was a millionaire, i would employ bodyguards to follow me everywhere i go.

Just a dream... I'll probably marry a billionaire. Lol... Better start taking care of my face now.

Lots of outbreaks on my face recently. My colleagues say it might be due to hormone change and everyone is giving me different advices and asking to buy different facial wash. I hear until blur.

The worst thing that happened to me apart from falling down the stairs was that i actually forgot to take my handphone out from my jeans before putting it to wash.

By the time i realise, my handphone is already going round and round in the washing machine. Totally panicked as i can't open the washing machine until it has stopped washing.

When i got my handphone out, it was soaked with water and look totally sparkling clean. Really wanna burst out in tears le.

Now i just hope that after it dries up, i can still use the phone. Don't wanna spend unneccessary money in getting a new phone.

The campaign is coming nearer which is this wednesday. Hope to get over it soon then i can finally relax for awhile.

Will update again after the event is over. That's all for now.


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